Guidance and Counseling


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Meet the School Counselor

    Hello, I'm Mrs. Lori Wiltshire the school counselor at Hayshire. I have served as a school counselor at Hayshire for 19 years and at an International School in Wiesbaden, Germany for one year. I was also a family counselor for the the U.S. Air Force in England. I received a Masters of Education from Boston University in Counseling and School Guidance Counseling grades K-12. I also hold a Special Education Teaching degree from Millersville University. I have taught children with special needs for 13 years prior to my counseling career.    At Hayshire, I have many responsibilities; teaching classroom lessons, assisting students with behavioral and emotional needs, facilitating small student groups, consulting with teachers and parents, offering parent education classes, and providing direct services to all Hayshire students.     I live in the district with my husband, two children, and a dog. I also have two step-sons in their thirties! I look forward to another school year full of wonder and growth. Please contact me if you have any concerns regarding your child or parenting issues. With peace and respect to all, Lori Wiltshire ‚Äč

The Role of the School Counselor

* To assist learners to do and feel their best in school and to facilitate their
  highest learning potential
* To present proactive, developmentally appropriate classroom lessons
* To provide brief, solution focused counseling to learners, individually and in small groups
* To make school counseling available for all students
* To consult with parents, teachers, administrators, & staff
* To consult with community agencies as appropriate
* To follow the National Ethical Guidelines of the American School Counselors Association (ASCA)
* To teach skills for effective living and learning based on the ASCA standards in the areas of: personal/social, academic, and career decision-making

Over the past 30 years, Elementary School Counseling has been growing nationwide. Elementary School Counselors must possess a minimum of a masters degree with graduate coursework in counseling, education, psychology and child development. Elementary School Counselors play a proactive role in helping students learn problem solving skills and good work habits at an early age. School Counselors focus on facilitating the students’ success in the school setting, so they can reach their full potential.


Some thoughts on making the transition back-to-school pleasant or at least "smooth" include the framework of not only the "3 Rs", but the "5 Rs" ! Here are "5 Rs" to consider:
1.  ROUTINES---Develop or review a basic routine for the morning and evening. Create a list together of 3-5 tasks that need to be completed by the child before leaving for school and prior to going to bed at night. Include homework and reading time in your routines.
2.  READINESS---It is great when children can come to school daily, ready to learn. Having a positive attitude about school and looking forward to a favorite activity will help. Also, students should know there are many people at school who can help them if a problem or question arises (e.g. teacher, school counselor, principal, secretary, etc.) READINESS also includes the physical basics of a good night's rest, a healthy breakfast, and getting to school on time.
3.  RESPECT---Students get off to a good start by remembering that their words and actions need to show respect for other students, adults, and school property.
4.  RESPONSIBILITY---Even very young children can learn to be responsible! Home and School are tied together in developing responsibility. For instance, learning to look at calendars, as well as doing age-appropriate chores at home, carries over to the school environment. Having a place for back packs and school supplies at home also aids in developing school responsibility.
5. REVIEW--- Reviewing school work is important, as well as reviewing the areas that were highlighted above. Hopefully, these few "R" tips can be useful. Best wishes and have a great start this school year!