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Hayshire Happenings: Helpers


We care about each other at Hayshire. We show this by helping. There are many different helpers at Hayshire. 

Children are helpers. Children help each other with their learning. They help each other learn throughout the day. 

Middle & High Schoolers help at Hayshire. Middle school students visited kindergarten to teach them about holiday celebrations. High school helpers volunteer time in classrooms during the day. Hayshire children love when the older children help at our school!  

Bus drivers help at Hayshire. They make sure our riders get to and from school safely. They greet children when they get on and off the bus. Our bus riders know they are cared about. 

Adult Volunteers are helpers at Hayshire. Volunteers come to school to help children learn. Some volunteers are parents and caregivers of the children. Some volunteers are parents and grandparents of our teachers! 

Hayshire adults are helpers. ALL the grown ups at Hayshire help make the school a great place to be. They help with learning, they keep the school safe and clean, they make everyone feel welcome and cared for! 

Thank you to ALL of our Hayshire helpers! You show that you care about everyone at our school. 

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