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Hayshire Happenings: Hopes & Dreams

Hopes & Dreams

A hope and dream is something you want to get better at. It's a goal. 

You have to work towards it to complete your hope and dream. This means you have to work hard and have a good attitude. It can be easy sometimes, but not most of the time. A hope and dream is something you really, really want to do. If it's hard, you don't have to get upset. You have to push toward it and keep going. 

You don't always have to work alone. You can have help! You feel proud, excited, and great when you reach your goal. Then you make a new goal! 

  • Leo and Djemica want to get better at reading.
  • Brenda wants to get better at learning cursive so she can help others read cursive.
  • Max wants to get 100% on Reflex so he can do better on math apps. 

By: Brenda, Djemica, Leo, & Max

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