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Hayshire Happenings: Reading Routines

Reading Routines

Everyone reads at Hayshire. We read to self. We read with others. We listen to reading. We read every day! 

We know that it is important to establish reading routines. We are learning and practicing these routines. 

Read To Self: We know it's important to pick a book that is a good fit. We know most of the words. We understand what we read. We read for a purpose. We enjoy the book! 

Miss Hughes' class learns about choosing a book that is a good fit.

 Her class chooses good fit books from their inviting classroom library! 

Mrs. Wenger's class learns what read to self looks like, sounds like, and feels like. They practice and show that they can read to self with success! They enjoy this time of day.

 Hayshire readers work to build reading stamina. Miss Rhodes' class is building stamina. They can read to self for almost 15 minutes! 

Listen To Reading: Children listen to reading. Miss Prowell reads a story to kindergarten. They show listening behaviors and actively participate in the story about Harry, The Dirty Dog! 

We read every day at Hayshire. Reading is fun. It is entertaining. We learn new things when we read! 📚  

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