Helping Students and Families

How does the School Social Worker help students and families?  SchoolCenter Picture

Student/Family Focused Interventions
•   Resource coordination and referrals
•   Conduct home visits
•   Conduct risk assessments
•   Complete psychosocial assessments
•   Act as liaison between home and school
•   Serve on IEP teams and other student centered meetings
•   Complete functional behavioral assessment
•   Conduct psycho-educational and social skills groups for students 

School/Community Focused Interventions
•   Attend and serve on community committees
•   Foster communication between school and community leaders
•   Serve on school-wide committees designed to improve student achievement
•   Develop programs to service students and families in need
•   Conduct classroom interventions/observations
•   Conduct staff workshops and presentations related to behavioral, social, emotional and environmental issues of students
•   Serve on the district's Diversity Committee