School Social Workers

About the District Social Work Service SchoolCenter Picture

The Central York School District Social Work Service is a specialized service that provides systematic interventions to remove barriers to students' learning. These services could be based in both, prevention or problem solving approaches. The Social workers seek to facilitate a solid connection between home and school environments; providing consultation to parents, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel. School Social Workers provide strategies to promote communication with parent/guardians and assist in locating available resources to support student and family needs. The School Social Worker holds a primary focus in providing clinical counseling that support student progress in the educational setting. Serving as advocates for students and families, the school social worker partners with teachers to identify those factors that impede learning. In addition, the school social worker participates in the development of classroom or school wide interventions to positively impact student learning and social adjustment.

The school social workers are licensed and certified professionals that provide direct services to all students that present with behavioral, academic, social, or emotional difficulties. Efforts are also made to work cooperatively with community resources to ensure the greatest support for students and families. The school social worker adheres to the code of ethics regarding confidentiality and the delivery of professional services.