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We're almost there!

We are winding down the year with lots of review of previously learned concepts.  We are completing end-of-year assessments to show mastery of these concepts. I am very proud of each student's growth in kindergarten this year! 

Our Class Rules
1. We will take care of ourselves.
2. We will take care of each other.
3. We will take care of our school things. 

Check out this site to practice the alphabet:

Practice is fun!!

Game idea: "Read my mind" Give your child a hint, such as "I'm thinkingof a word that has two letters and rhymes with shoe". The answer is"to". You could do this to practice wordwall words.  It is a good ideato have the list of wordwall words out in front of your child for thisgame.

Game idea: set a timer for 1 minute and have your child find as many letters, numbers,or word wall words on a box of cereal, a book, a magazine page, orother pantry items in 1 minute.  Each time they should try and beattheir score the previous time.

Game idea: write the uppercase and lowercase letters on paper plates.  Have your childtoss the plates around the room and hop to the ones that they canidentify. You can play a song and they can see how many they canidentify during that song.  Each time they should try to beat the numberthey got previously.

Practice writing your first and last name with the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase.

Practice counting to 100.  


Special Schedule

Day 1: Library
Day 2: Art
Day 3: Music
Day 4: Music
Day 5: Gym
Day 6: Gym


Social Curriculum

We are learning about the Green Circle and how to keep our friends and family inside it by showing caring, sharing, and respect. 


Current Word Wall Words: 

and to
it is they will my go 
can   we be   come   in  me
 of see  that   with  you he 

More words added: she

Words will be added as they are taught.


Current Story Starters

Today... I know about...

This weekend...













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