School Social Worker



Hello! Welcome to my Webpage. 

Greetings! my name is Kendra Kakos and I am the Social Worker for students and their families in Roundtown, Sinking Springs, Hayshire and the Middle School. I recently worked for the York-Adams Mental Health -Mental Retardation program as the Mental Health Program Specialist. Prior to that, I have done many types of counseling with children and families. Some of my career has been spent working with children that have Autistic Spectrum Disorders and this is an area that continues to interest me.

I graduated from Columbia University in 1997 and after spending time in Wichita, Kansas and New York, we moved to Pennsylvania. We have lived here for seven years and have really enjoyed being a part of this community!

I look forward to working with the students, families and faculty of the Central York School District. Please feel free to contact me by phone, 654-7507, or email, [email protected] if I can be of assistance.